Motor Takaful offers comprehensive coverage for private and commercial vehicles, customized according to the Participant’s requirements. Motor Takaful offers protection from losses incurred due to traffic accidents and legal liabilities that might arise due to accidents.

Comprehensive Motor Takaful provides maximum coverage against theft, accidental damage and third party liability The cover includes losses due to external accidental means, fire, explosion, burglary, house-breaking or theft, malicious acts, riots, strikes and natural calamities. Terrorism and Third Party liability i.e., Property Damage, Bodily Injury and Death, are additional features of the policy.

  • Risk Covered
    • The takaful provides cover from losses of:
    • Accidental collision or over turning.
    • Burglary or theft.
    • Malicious act of any third party.
    • Whilst in transit by various transportation (including the process of Loading and Unloading incidental to such transit).
  • Key Points
    • Coverage of vehicles at reasonable rates.
    • The claims department follows standardized procedures and is available for assistance and prompt service delivery to Participants. 
  • Information Required
    • Details of Vehicles
    • Documentation related to vehicles
    • Participant’s Details

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