Mufti Zeeshan

Mufti Zeeshan Abdul Aziz

Shariah Advisor

Mufti Zeeshan Abdul Aziz is a recognized Shariah Scholar and researcher having strong comprehension of all aspects of Islamic Law and specialized in Islamic Jurisprudence and Islamic Finance from Jamia Dar Ul Uloom Karachi, Pakistan, having Takhassus Fil Ifta (Specialization in Islamic Jurisprudence), majoring in Islamic Banking & Finance.

He is serving as the Shariah Advisor of “Jubilee General Insurance – Window Takaful Operations” since its commencement and looking after the transactions, day to day Shariah matters and services provided by ‘Jubilee General Insurance – Window Takaful Operations’. His specialties include Shariah Compliant investments, development of takaful products, policies, manuals and drafting of all its Shariah related documents. Mufti Zeeshan is also involved in delivering detailed trainings to the management of all levels, marketing and distribution force of ‘Jubilee General Insurance – Window Takaful Operations’ on Takaful, its Shariah related issues and requirements in the light of Takaful Rules 2012.

He has been associated with several Islamic Financial Institution and Halal Certification bodies within Pakistan and abroad. Mufti Zeeshan is also the Shariah Advisor of Sindh Bank-Islamic Banking Division, Jubilee Life Insurance – Family Window Takaful Operations, NIT Islamic Investment Funds and Shariah Review Bureau, Bahrain and has been frequently debating and delivering lectures on Shariah & technical aspects related to Islamic Finance nationally and internationally as well.

Mufti Zeeshan has been associated with various Halal Certification bodies of several countries and has performed around 200 Halal Certification audits of different food, beverages, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries in different parts of the world.


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