Hajj Ummrah Plan

Travelling for Pilgrimage should only be about focusing on the Holy activities and your trip should be free of the worldly worries. Let Jubilee General – Window Takaful Operations take care of your trip related worries.

  • Features and Coverage Details
    • Accidental Death & Permanent Disability
    • Hospitilization
    • Burial & Repatriation (In case of Natural death only)
    • Loss of Checked in Baggage
    • Loss of Cash

*these contributions are inclusive of Admin surcharge, government taxes and levies and stamp duty.

**maximum stay depicts total number of days starting from the time of departure from your home city in Pakistan for KSA up-till the time of arrival in Pakistan on return from your Hajj/Umrah trip from KSA.

To avail our Hajj & Umrah Plan, you may visit your nearest Jubilee General Takaful Window Branch or visit our Website www.jubileegeneral.com.pk or go to our Buy Online page at online.jubileegeneral.com.pk


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